Taking Our Service to the Next Level

Our expert painters do love to have a brush or roller in their hands, but with all their experience, they cannot help that they have accumulated design knowledge and experience along the way.


Our team can assist you with every aspect of choosing the right finish for your requirements. They will be conscious of your time frame and budget, whilst suggesting the most suitable option to bring your space to life. Whether that be a beautiful feature wall, or using different textures to provide a little extra design to your space, they are there to offer suggestions to get the most out of your painting project.


Wallpaper has been making a come back in recent years and is gaining in popularity, in particular for use in high traffic areas, and as a fantastic option for feature walls. There are so many different wallpapers available, with lots of vibrant colours and textured surfaces to choose from, that we are sure you will find one to suit your needs.

Design & Colour Consultancy

When choosing the colours you want to incorporate into your space, it is important to consider many factors including the surrounding furniture, cabinets, furnishings, lighting and so on, as you do not want your freshly painted area to clash.

Our team can suggest colour palettes that will compliment the space and provide design options to bring something a little extra, like feature walls and textured surfaces.

Whatever your vision for your space, we can use our expertise to bring that vision to life with colours and textures that will delight your senses and make your space truly unique to you.